Saturday August 28th:

  • For all participants, complementary transportation between the airport and the hotels (to book in advance).
  • OPENING OF THE EXHIBITION: The Fingal cave, between history and legend

Sunday August 29th:

  • PRE-SYMPOSIUM EXCURSION (1): – GEOLOGY OF MT. ETNA an overview of the volcano guided by a geologist, with comments at the most significant points (all day).
  • Welcome party (Scammacca's Farm)

Monday August 30th:

  • Morning – SYMPOSIUM Institutional work sessions
    • 09:30am Opening of the Symposium
    • 10:00am Kempe S. – Evolution of Lava tubes
  • 10:45am Coffee break
    • 11:00am Ferlito C. – Geology of the Etna Volcano
    • 11:45am Author, Lecture – 1st Session:
    • 11:50am The Grotta del Gelo (Etna): a volcanic cold trap ice cave – G. Giudice, F. Leone, L. Randazzo, G. Raciti, M. Messina, S. Petralia, E. Finocchiaro (live)
    • 00:10am Estimation of the formation temperature of lava stalactite inside the cavity of lava tree mold void - Tsutomu Honda (web)
  • 00:30am Catania Heritage Presentation
  • 01:00pm Lunch time
  • Afternoon – Catania's natural and cultural heritage (guided short trips)- Katane: the Greek and Roman city.
  • Evening – Recent discoveries video or slide presentations (GGC Arena)

Tuesday August 31st:

  • Morning – SYMPOSIUM LECTURES - University of Catania - Geological Faculty
    • 09:10am Author, Lecture – 1st Session:
    • 09:15am Descriptive note on some volcanic cases surveyes in thre transcaucasian regione of the Republic of Armenia. – Ruggieri R., Davtyan S. R., Shaihinyan S. M., Ingallinera A., Orsini R., Agosta G. (live)
    • 09:35am Geoheritage assessment of lava tube caves on Jeju Island, Korea - Kyung Sik Woo, Lyoun Kim, JongHee Lee (web)
    • 09:55am Spatial distribution characteristics of the Nâm B'Lang Volcano lava tube system, Dak Nong UNESCO Global Geopark, Vietnam - Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh, Vu Van Tu, Bui Thanh Ha, Pham Duc Anh, Ho Tien Chung, Tran Tan Van (web)
    • 10:15am Interesting morphologies in a small lava tube in the lava flow of “Piano Cannelli”, Mt. Etna. - Priolo G., Raciti S. and Ragusa M.
  • 10:35am Coffee break
    • 10:50am Question Time
    • 11:40am Author, Lecture – 2nd Session:
    • 11:45am Mico-Speleologic finds on Mt. Etna’s volcanic caves – Vasquez G., Bucolo C., Musumeci E.
    • 00:05pm Lavas pahoehoe y fauna endémica de cavernas basálticas en Payunia, Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina Pahoehoe lava and endemic fauna of basaltic caves in Payunia, Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina –Benedetto C. – D´Agostino C.
    • 00:25pm Shedding light on long-eared bats (Plecotus spp.) from Sicily: more complex than we thought –Ancillotto L., Galimberti A., Bucolo C., Musumeci E.
  • 01:00pm Lunch time
  • Afternoon

    - Catania's natural and cultural heritage (guided short trips) - The City revive from the eartquake: the Catanese baroque.

  • Partners' Program - Taormina and Alcantara Gorges, guided tour (all day)
  • Evening Participants video or slide contributes (GGC Arena)

Wednesday September 1st:

  • Morning – LECTURES/WORK SESSIONS/MEETING OF UIS COMMISSION - Lectures and conclusion of work sessions – coffee break incl.(University of Catania - Geological Faculty)
    • 09:10am Author, Lecture – 3rd Session:
    • 09:15am Al-Fahda Flow, Pyroduct and Archaeology, Jordan – Stephan Kempe &Ahmad Al-Malabeh (web)
    • 09:35am The Key Geoheriage Area: A potential new IUCN program on geoheritage conservation – Woo, Kyung Sik (web)
    • 09:55am The Grotta Di Salvo, an oldies lava tube on the Sud side of Mt. Etna: notes of morphology and archeological aspects. – Bucolo Carmel, Musumeci Elisa, Priolo Giuseppe (live)
    • 10:15am The first census of volcanic caves in Pantelleria - Bucolo Carmelo, Musumeci Elisa, Belfiore Andrea, Fonseca Fulvio (live)
    • 10:35am The Grotta del Faggio, another, interesting, cave on the Sciara del Follone lava flow, Mt. Etna (Italy) – Gullotto V., Priolo G., Raciti. S., Ragusa. M., Schilirò A., Tosto E. (live)
  • 10:55am Coffee break
    • 11:10am Presentation of the General Excursion & caving excursions
    • 11:25am Author, Lecture – 4th Session:
    • 11:30am The Grotta della Cisterna, San Giovanni Galermo-Catania (Italy) - Gaetano Giudice, Francesco Politano, Alfio Cariola, Salvatore Tomasello (live)
    • 11:50am “Ghiara” quarries on Etna: examples inside and outside urban environment (Catania, Sicily) – Gaetano Giudice, Francesco Politano, Alfio Cariola (live)
    • 00:10am Down the crater from Empokles to Arni – Franz Lindenmayr (live)
    • 00:30pm Lineri Quarry: a resource for the inhabitants of Misterbianco after the 1669 eruption, the 1693 earthquake and the postwar - Bucolo Carmelo, Belfiore Andrea, Cantone Giuseppe
    • 00:50pm The Piano Noce cave: from vandalism to dignity - Bucolo Carmelo, Caltabiano Francesco, Russo Sebastiano
    • 01:10pm UIS COMMISSION MEETING (click for the communication)
  • 02:30pm Lunch time
  • Afternoon

    - Catania's natural and cultural heritage (guided short trips) - Historical Museum of the Landing in Sicily 1943 and Cinema Museum or Guided tour of the Botanical Garden

  • Partners' Program - Syracuse and Noto guided tour (all day) ,
  • Evening – Gala Banquet in a typical Sicilian restaurant

Thursday September 2nd:

  • GENERAL EXCURSION - Visit of the ''Valle del Bove''.(All day – for all participants).
  • Evening - Sicilian Granita Time (GGC Terrace)

Friday September 3rd:

  • CAVES OF THE ETNA:with the support of GGC speleologist visit of some Etna’s caves. 5 people and 1 GGC speleologist for cave: grotta Catanese I(a), grotta Intralio(b), grotta di Serracozzo(c), grotta di Piano Porcaria(d)
  • CLOSING OF THE EXBITION: The Fingal cave, between history and legend
  • Evening - SYMPOSIUM CLOSING - Farewell party (GGC Terrace)


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