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  UIS Commission on Volcanic Caves - ISV19 in Catania and more


Hello Everyone,

It is now a week since the 19th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology concluded in Catania, Sicily.

I am so pleased that approximately 25 people, from Europe and the USA, were able to attend the Symposium in person. Of course, in this era of Covid-19, with so many uncertainties and travel restrictions, it was one of the smallest ISVs convened by the Commission in recent years. In addition to the ‘fortunate few’ in Catania, a further 20 members registered to participate online.

About 40% of the presentations were conveyed remotely from places far removed from the historic, volcanically active and convivial environs of Catania. In all, about 25 presentations were delivered either in person at Catania or via live streaming. All of the presentations were completed in full despite a few delays and interruptions caused by online dropouts, equipment compatibility issues and technical limitations. In view of the geographic spread of online participants around the world, the sessions were also recorded for viewing at more convenient times. The video sessions remain online and the number of views has continued to increase over the past week.

Like many of you, I was not able to travel to Catania. However, judging from the positive feedback I have received from participants who were there, and from the many photos I have seen, it sounds and looks like it was a most enjoyable experience being in Catania for the ISV. There was a range of interesting surface and underground excursions, a special welcome from Mt Etna with an eruption timed to coincide with the geological field trip on the first day, and bounteous food and wine. I know from participating in the online sessions, the presentations spanned volcanic areas across several continents, with a focus on Mt Etna for obvious reasons, and embraced many disciplines.

That the ISV was so successfully staged is largely due to sustained efforts over the past three years by Giuseppe Priolo, along with the assistance of Mel Bucolo and other members of Gruppo Grotte Catania. I would also like to specifically acknowledge Roberto Conti and Olga Lucherini, who from their home in northern Italy, worked remotely with GGC and continued helping out after arriving in Catania for the ISV. On behalf of all Commission members, I thank them all for their efforts.

I look forward to seeing you all in Dak Nong Province in the central highlands of Vietnam for ISV20 in November 2022. Preliminary information on the symposium will be available soon.

Finally, the next issue of the Commission’s newsletter will be produced in coming weeks. If you have any items for the Newsletter – including a nice photos from ISV19 - please send them to the Editor (Ed Waters), or to me and I will onforward them.

Best wishes

John Brush


UIS Commission on Volcanic Caves